Online Demo
Try Breakdown Trakker for yourself.

Company ID:  
User Name:  

Company ID is Demo for the Demo Account.
User Name is User1 for Normal User.
Password is pass.

To see the Admin areas, the User Name is Admin.
Password is admin.

To see the Status Only areas, the User Name is User2.
Password is pass.

To see the Reports Only areas, the User Name is User3.
Password is pass.

When you add a new breakdown in Demo, tractor numbers start with 3, 6, f, or r.
And trailer numbers start with a 3 or 6 also.
Or you can look at the Demo tractors, trailers, and drivers to see the listings.
Links are in the right side menu.

Note that these passwords will not work in the Members Login.

Look for the additional menu items on the right side menu.

Feel free to go through the complete process of working a breakdown.
When you login, you will be at the New Breakdown screen.
Just fill in the blanks and start Trakking your Breakdown.
Most of the steps to Trakking your Breakdown are intuitive.
If you get stuck, just look at the "Using Trakker" Help to the right.