Breakdown Trakker Latest News

1-1-2012 Updated: On the Update Breakdown screen, Map of the vendors location has been added. This is for both Find Vendor - Nearest City, and Find Vendor by Name. If the vendor listing does not have the street address, then the map displays the city.

12-15-2011 Note: We in the process of updating vendor info and checking it for accuracy. This is a continual process to ensure the accuracy of user added vendors. Also vendors will soon be able to add their own vendor listings.

12-15-2011 Updated: Now when you enter a city name, the city will Autocomplete. (8,200 plus US city names.) This is for both the breakdown location and when you enter a new vendor. Also it works when your entering the city for a vender search.

Updated: When you add a new breakdown, you can enter the breakdown location by nearest city and the state. This is in addition to the location details above. Now, when you go to find a vendor, the nearest city and state are pre-entered.

Thanks to all our members. Most of these updates are member suggestions.

If you have any suggestions to improve Breakdown Trakker, you can email us at Email Breakdown Trakker