Q.     Does Breakdown Trakker need a server?

A.     NO, absolutlely not!
Breakdown Trakker runs on a Cloud Server. It works with most computers and web browsers.

Q.     I am an owner/operator, and don't have my own truck shop. Can I also track ALL my service expenses in Breakdown Trakker?

A.     YES, absolutlely! In fact there is a Category for A-Service and B-Service. Just add your regular truck maintenance like you would a road breakdown.

Q.     Will I be able to tell how much I have spent on road breakdowns for a particular vehicle?

A.     Of course! In Breakdown Trakker Reports, you can select the vehicle or trailer. Then either view or print out a report of ALL breakdown expenses for that unit. Or select a date range and unit. You will see a list of breakdowns selected by your criteria, and a total cost at the bottom of the list. Or you can select a date range with no vehicle selected. This will give you the total cost of ALL your unit's breakdowns for that time period.

Q.     Is Breakdown Trakker complicated to use?

A.     Actually, it is pretty simple to use. You are just filling out online forms with the information that your driver gives you. And after you have a vendor taking care of the problem, typing in the updated information. When you are finished, you will have a complete time-stamped log of the entire breakdown process. This includes the vendor info, your notes, your PO number, the vendors Invoice number, the cost, and much more.

Q.     Will using Breakdown Trakker take longer than just handwriting notes for the breakdowns?

A.     Maybe at first, until you have worked a few breakdowns using it. Then you will see that it is actually quicker than keeping notes on paper or even in a spreadsheet. This is because your drivers, equipment, and a lot of times, the vendor info, is already there. But, the REAL time savings comes when you need to find a particular road breakdown to review. Or want to see your overall road breakdown costs. Or the breakdown costs for a particular unit. ... It only akes a few seconds in Breakdown Trakker!

Q.     If I choose to stop using the Breakdown Trakker service, do I get money back?

A.     YES, absolutlely! You get a pro-rated amount back. (See Terms of Use Agreement, Section 3. Fees, last sentence.) For instance, if you paid a year in advance. And you used the service for 6 months. You would get half of your subscription fee back.

Q.     If I choose to stop using the Breakdown Trakker service, what happens to my breakdown data?

A.     Your data stays available to you for 1 year after you stop using the service. But you can't add more breakdowns.

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