Breakdown Trakker is a monthly subscription service.
Montly fees are based on the number of trucks, tractors, and other motorized vehicles in your fleet.

For up to 15 trucks or tractors, Breakdown Trakker is totally FREE.

For semi-trailer fleets, trailers don't count in the monthly fee.

Subscription Fees
Vehicles    Monthly  Quarterly  Yearly
16-20    $20  $55  $200
21-25    $25  $65  $250
26-35    $30  $80  $300
36-50    $35  $95  $350
51 and up    Email us for a rate quote at Email Breakdown Trakker.

How to Subscribe:

Earn Free Bonus Months:

Referals. You can earn a free month for each person that lists you in the "Referred By" box on the Free Trial form. Or email us with that person's company and name. If they have subscribed to Breakdown Trakker, one free month is added to your subscription.

Site Improvements. You can earn a free month for each suggestion that we use for improving Breakdown Trakker. Every suggestion for improvement is serious considered. We are continually improving Breakdown Trakker and welcome all suggestions.

For questions or suggestions, you can email us at:
Email Breakdown Trakker