About Us

Breakdown Trakker is a online breakdown management and expense tracking system designed and developed by Sabin-Design, a Chattanooga based IT company that specializes in the trucking industry.

Breakdown Trakker began in 2003 as a very simple web database for a local truckng company to track their breakdowns. For the next 6 years it was used on a daily basis, and was a vast improvement over the paper based system that had been used before.

In the last few years, web technology has greatly improved, and so has the delivery technology for the internet. Also in the last few years, the vast majority of trucking companies have come to absolutely depend on the internet to conduct their business.

With all these factors in mind, in 2009 we decided to totally redesign the original system, taking advantage of the latest web technologies and greatly expanding the features.

This system was designed and developed in close consultation with several local trucking companies. We consulted with the company owners, service managers, and accounting to ensure that Breakdown Trakker had the features that trucking companies needed.

The main criteria was simplicity. When your working a breakdown, you want all your information to be one or two clicks away, because time is critical when the load is not rolling. And it's the same when you need to look up past breakdowns, or to print any of the several reports.

The next criteria was a natural work flow. When your working a breakdown, you follow a natural progression of events. You take the intial breakdown call, and gather all the drivers information. Then you find a vendor to handle the problem. Next you track the status of the repairs. Finally you close the breakdown when the driver is rolling again and you have made the payment to the vendor.

That is exactly the same procedure in Breakdown-Trakker.

Breakdown-Trakker is also designed to be an online community for breakdown managers. When you add a vendor to your database, they are made available to all users. And when anyone uses a vendor, they have the opportunity to rate that vendor and add a short comment of that vendor's service. These ratings are displayed when you choose any of the vendors in the system. This is a way for all members to share their experience with a vendor, good or bad, with all the other members.

At Breakdown-Trakker, we always welcome suggestions to make the system better. If you think of anything we can add to, or improve in the system to make your job easier, send us an email at: suggestions@breakdown-trakker.com